Property Manager: Profit Reports

Pro: unlimited
Free: 1 unit

Your profit and loss position at any given time is presented with clarity, so it's easy to understand.

Although profit and loss is a simple concept, there are such a variety of variables in property that it can be difficult to assess the financial health of your portfolio. Spreadsheets are useful, but they are not always easy to understand nor represent the full picture.

With PaTMa profit and loss information is always available and presented in an easy to understand, ‘at a glance’ way.

  • See profit and loss for any individual property, or for your entire portfolio together.
  • View profit and loss status for the current year to keep a check on how you’re doing – or from day one if you prefer.
  • Create profit reports or historical graphs.
  • Profit and loss data is automatically available to other features with no need to enter the information again. For example, figures for your tax return are automatically calculated.

PaTMa Property Manager provides truly valuable, understandable profit and loss information. It will help you to not only view the profitability of your business but improve it by increasing revenue, reducing costs or both. PaTMa can save many times the annual subscription just with this one powerful feature alone.