Property Manager: Document Management

You can store, send and work with all your important property documents easily online; saving work – as well as paper.

Paper documents are 20th century tech. They take too much time to produce, to share, to store and to retrieve – and can easily be lost. In property, losing an important document like a tenancy or legal notice can have serious implications.

PaTMa is the complete solution. You can create, share, store and retrieve documents in digital form easily. Better still, because of the smart way in which PaTMa is organised the documents you need are always there in the right place at the right time. You’ll never need to go hunting for, or lose them, again.

  • Works with all important documents including tenancies, inventories, photos, safety certificates and more.
  • Upload your own documents, or use PaTMa's templates.
  • Securely stored for you. No need to worry about storage limits.
  • Retrieve any time you need them.
  • Send and receive from other parties, including using e-signatures.
  • Create a ‘paper trail’ of documents should it be needed.

With PaTMa Property Manager you can realise all the benefits of going digital, and save time, money – and of course paper – too.