Property Manager: Portfolio Insights

Pro: unlimited
Free: 1 unit

The important inside information you need to understand the performance of your property portfolio – and boost it – is all part of PaTMa’s smart functionality.

Being successful in property is about understanding how your portfolio is performing so that you can continuously improve and ultimately make more money,

But every single property produces a huge amount of data. For example, rent paid, rent due or in arrears, bills due for payment or paid, mortgage rates and payments plus interest paid. This can be hard to understand and even harder to make use of.

PaTMa offers a powerful solution: by presenting all your data in clear formats, using graphs and charts, you can acquire great insights into your properties and their performance. You can see what your property is earning and what it is costing, and see where savings or improvements can be made.

Armed with this valuable information you can boost the performance of your portfolio and make it much more profitable.

  • Instantly see your monthly income -v- expenses and average income -v- expenses.
  • Monitor rising and falling income and expenses.
  • See what your expenses are made up of.
  • Spot any potential losses at an early stage.
  • Monitor current occupancy and occupancy rates.
  • See the value of your portfolio together with the split between debt and equity.
  • Easy to understand charts and graphs.
  • No need to enter any data again. All figures are automatically calculated from the information you have already entered.

PaTMa Property Manager is an absolutely invaluable tool for every landlord who wants to improve their returns and build their business. No longer do you need to crunch numbers and pore over figures. PaTMa provides the portfolio insights you need with no extra work.