Property Manager: Expense Tracking

Pro: unlimited
Free: 1 unit

PaTMa enables you to keep a close eye on the costs of running your portfolio – including mortgage costs – to keep everything under control

Keeping a tight rein on spending is important in any business, but especially in property where costs can quickly run out of control. So PaTMa enables you to record and monitor your outgoings easily.

  • Keep track of all your letting and property expenses, whether one off or regular.
  • Record mortgage payments separately.
  • See how much your portfolio is costing you.
  • Expense information is automatically available to other features. You can receive valuable information about the performance of your portfolio, or figures for your tax return, with no need to enter the information again.

With PaTMa Property Manager you will be able to control costs effectively and be aware of your financial position at all times.