Free property price history browser plugin

How to start

  1. Install the PaTMa Property Tools plugin directly from the Chrome or Firefox web store.
  2. Create a free PaTMa account.
  3. Click the PaTMa icon in your browser toolbar, click "login" and enter your account details.
  4. Enjoy enhanced property data while browsing for your next investment.

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Browser extension screenshot
Browser extension screenshots

Price History

View the full pricing history for a property listing. The price records are crowd sourced and shared between all users of the browser extension so you'll often find history already exists when first viewing a listing.

Access to pricing history is available immediately, without even creating an account. Simply install the browser extension and start enjoying extra data to help with your property investment decisions.

Email Alerts

Save interesting properties to your Property Prospector list to receive email alerts when the asking price changes or the property is taken off the market. Property Prospector also allows you to quickly compare all the investment properties you're considering; for yield, ROI and more.

Instant ROI and yield

The browser extension information panel includes an instant estimate of the ROI and yield for the property as a buy-to-let investment.

The calculation is based on the median rent for similar properties in the surrounding area.

Browser extension estimates - ROI and yield
Browser extension local comparison prices

Quick Local Comparisons

Get an instant idea of the price range for similar properties within half a mile and one mile of the property listing you're currently viewing.

Comparisons for both properties for sale and for rent are shown.

StreetView House Finder

Use the property tools browser extension for easy access to the PaTMa StreetView House Finder tool.

A full-window, split screen view showing Google StreetView at the top and Google Maps at the bottom. But also including an image overlay from the property listing in the bottom left corner. Use the overlay image to wander around StreetView and easily pinpoint the property location. The Google Maps view automatically moves the character so you always know where you're looking.

Browser extension StreetView House Finder

Install Now

Install and use the browser extension for Chrome or Firefox in less than two minutes.

Click the relevant icon to view the official extension page, then click the Add or Install buttons.

After installation register for your free account to get started.


Would you like these browser extensions to do more? Or perhaps you've found a problem with them? Please send us an email to let us know.