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"I've used PaTMa for many months, and it's very good. It makes it very easy to research potential property investments. When there's a lot on the market, it can be a time consuming process and it really helps to identify when to deep dive. Invaluable tool."

Alix Bloop
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"This extension is a really handy 'at a glance' add-on to the various property portals. Its a super-speedy time saver to save umpteen calculations and give an early sense of whether to dive in and explore a property more. Get it now - there is no point in not doing so!"

Kate Dougherty
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"Brilliant extension, very useful for property investment research and information"

Cinzia Garoia
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"A great extension for potential investment properties."

Pete England
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"Thinking of starting my buy to let property portfolio and this tool has been so far really useful! Highly recommend!"

AdriĆ  Tarrida
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"This is so useful to see the history of a property listing. You can see if it has been unavailable and how long for so you know if a sale may have fallen through and can see the price change history too."

Claire Roberts

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