Property Management Software Save time. Stay organised.

Simple to use with powerful results. Automation when possible and clear guidance when needed.

PaTMa Property Manager makes property management efficient and straight forward, whether you're a first time landlord with a single-let or an experienced landlord with a portfolio of HMOs.

Trusted by 1,000+ landlords for over £60million of rental property.

Do you spend too long on admin?

Finding documents, remembering regulations, updating spreadsheets and working out your tax return are all essential parts of being a landlord. But wouldn't it be better if you didn't need to do them?

Spreadsheets are great but how do you organise them?

Do you have a spreadsheet for each property, or perhaps one for your portfolio together? Can you easily see how each property is performing for profit, ROI and tax purposes? What about easily looking up contact details for the plumber you used last year?

There are some things spreadsheets just can't do.

Can your spreadsheets send you an email reminder when safety certificates expire? Can they keep track of the latest government How to Rent Guide for you? Or guide you through a best-practice new tenancy process?

Can you afford to miss something?

Fail to setup a tenancy correctly or provide the required documents and you might not be able to issue an eviction notice when you need to. If you don't keep up with licencing or safety requirements it could be even worse with fines of up to £30,000.

Everything organised in one place

Keep your financial records, essential documents, contracts and certificates all together. All your essential information is easily accessible whenever and wherever you need it. Whether you need quick and simple access or to quickly make changes as you go, it's all available and sensibly organised for you.

Let PaTMa give you time

Save your time - you never need to enter the same information more than once. PaTMa intelligently links and reuses details you enter to streamline and automate later on. Enter your tenant details once and they'll appear in the contract, deposit paperwork, inventory, e-signatures and more.

Property management automation

The same applies whether it's a safety certificate or rent receipt. Clever automation will remind you when things need attention and organise the results. Presenting you the information you need, from a tenants rental record to your portfolio profit or documentation for you mortgage application. All in easy reach.

Start now for immediate benefits

Get started with PaTMa today to start your only-once revolution. Enter your property and rental data from today and never type it again.

Need to catch up a bit? Don't worry, we can help. For a small fee we can help you get any historic records onto PaTMa. We'll even scan paper invoices and receipts if you need us to. Just email us for more details.

Your first rental is on us!

Even property businesses can need a little help to get started. Or maybe you'd just like to try us out before committing. Either way, you can create an account and save time looking after your first single let property without charge.

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