PaTMa’s Invaluable Tools For Deal Sourcers & Packagers

As well as your own investment projects, deal sourcing and packaging for other investors can be a potentially profitable sideline. It can generate extra profits from projects you do not have the time or resources to progress yourself.

This PaTMa article explains what deal sourcing and packaging is and what benefits it can offer you.

Deal sourcing and packaging can involve considerable work and time. You will need to have good market knowledge, be able to find properties, and analyse potential and key financials. You will also need to produce reports showing clients what they are investing in, how much money they will need, what the project will involve and what return they can expect.

While you can undertake all these tasks manually PaTMa provides a range of invaluable tools to make deal sourcing and packaging easier, quicker as well as much more successful.

Tools to give you expert market knowledge

An expert knowledge of the market allows you to suggest deals with confidence, and build your reputation as a deal sourcer and packager. PaTMa makes it easy to become a market expert whether in your local area or any other.

PaTMa Property Prospector can provide you with a wide range of information on any given area. It can provide local price and rent comparables, allowing you to spot the best opportunities. It can tell you about local demographics, transport links, schools, crime rates, health services and local planning applications. If you’re sourcing and packaging buy to lets it provides information on landlord licensing and HMO licensing regimes in that area.

PaTMa’s weekly market emails issued each Monday provide listing stats with invaluable data including prices, price changes and rentals for any postcode area right up to the day before.

Tools to help you find suitable properties easily

While you can find properties by trawling estate agents’ websites or using property portals, PaTMa makes finding suitable investment properties quicker and easier.

PaTMa offers an advanced for sale listings search, designed to help you find properties that perfectly suit investors’ requirements. You can also receive daily email alerts. These can optionally be in CSV format for automated processing.

If you are looking for buy to lets, PaTMa Yield Explorer can help you find where the best yields are anywhere in the country.

Tools to analyse deals and find the very best

Once you have located potential deals you will need to analyse them to ensure that they both meet investors’ requirements and are likely to be profitable financially. PaTMa Property Prospector offers both basic tools to help identify possible projects and advanced tools to help analyse them in depth. It can produce financial information instantly, saving many hours with calculators and spreadsheets.

PaTMa’s free Property Browser Extension shows property portal price history, location data, rent estimates, yield and ROI instantly as you search for properties.

PaTMa’s free Buy to Let Property Profit and Tax Calculator allows you to input basic numbers and then investment needed, mortgage calculations, yield, ROI and forecast monthly profit are calculated automatically.

PaTMa’s Property Prospector provides an extensive range of financial information for every potential deal. It also allows you to compare one or many prospective deals side by side to find the very best.

By adding a property as a prospect on Property Prospector you can calculate information including deposit and mortgage required, legal fees and taxes and check mortgage affordability. You can see projections for income, profit, yield, ROI (return on investment), see the impact of taxation and more.

Property Prospector is customisable to the different scenarios you may be offering to your clients including buy to let, buy to sell (flip), renovation or buy, refurbish, refinance and rent (BRRR).

Tools to automatically create investment reports

While you can create proposals for investment deals or packages manually PaTMa Property Prospector can do this automatically. It not only saves you hours of work, but enables you to offer professionally presented reports to your clients.

Simply add a property as a prospect, pull in information from the agent’s listing and add your own financial and other information. Then simply click ‘Download’. PaTMa will automatically produce a professional report in PDF format for you to email to your client or print.

Reports can be customised to suit your investment scenario and even produced with your own branding.

Here’s more information on creating investment proposals including 12 Essential Points An Investment Proposal Should Include.

Tools to help you track and manage deals

As a deal sourcer and packager you may have many, many deals and possible deals on the table at any one time. Property Prospector allows you to track and manage properties you’re working with easily and efficiently. It will allow you to track prices, sales, price changes (including price reductions and possible bargains) and relistings. It can help you track viewing appointments, offers, acceptances (and rejections) and all your contacts. It can show you everything you need to know in a clear calendar view. It can even send you reminders, and remind you when you need to follow up.

Property Prospector allows you to stay on top of everything and deliver a polished, professional service to your clients.

You can access all these invaluable tools by subscribing to PaTMa Property Prospector.

Tools to help you manage property

Deal sourcing and packaging does not always involve buy to lets, but where it does PaTMa also provides a range of invaluable tools to help you offer professional property management.

PaTMa Property Manager can help you create and manage tenancies, manage expenses and rent payments, manage maintenance and repairs, stay ahead of compliance issues like EPCs, licensing and safety certificates, provide detailed financial information about the performance of a portfolio and provide information for tax returns.

Find out more about PaTMa Property Manager here.