Property Management Software for Landlords

Compliance checklists, guidance, reminders.
Rent tracked, reminded, reported.
Documents generated, signed, stored.
Accounting with Open Banking and MTD.
Tenant portal and maintenance tickets.
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The most complete, all-in-one property software solution for landlords.

Here to help you and your property business maximise returns, while saving time.

PaTMa Property Manager supports you with built-in compliance checks, simple Open Banking powered rent recording, tenant communications, and all your accounting records (using language that makes sense to a landlord).

Step-by-step tenancies

Easy to follow checklist

Simply follow the step-by-step process to quickly and easily setup every new tenancy correctly, with all required documents, terms, messages and contracts.

Keeping you compliant

Tenancy creation ensures you have everything required to be legally compliant. The system will send you automatic reminders to make sure you stay compliant too.

Integrated e-signatures

(Pro only) No need to use or pay for a third party online signature service, simply use the single-click integration to instantly request tenant signatures.

Tenancy guidance

"Offers valuable information at your finger-tips."

Hus Ahmet

"This is a great tool which I've been using since last year. Keep up the good work"

Angelo S

Only enter data once

Property details

Never repeat yourself! Enter property details once, and they'll be reused everywhere they're needed throughout Property Manager.

Compliance records

Upload safety certificates and other compliance documents just once. They'll automatically feed your tenant setup process, be available in your tenant portal and remind you before the renewal is due.


Remove the risk of errors and omissions by setting the utility supplies per property, which then automatically feed through to your contracts and inventories.

Property documents

Easy management

Rent reminders

Stay up to date with all rent payments via automatic rent reminders for each tenancy.

Tenant communications

Keep all tenant communications in one place for easier management and thorough record keeping. (Pro only)

Maintenance reporting

The tenant portal provides a single and direct channel to report maintenance requirements, allowing you to easily manage and resolve any issues or pass them to a contractor. (Pro only)

Property maintenance

Simple accounting

Tax returns

Quick and simple entry of all your property records means you can automatically generate your property tax return at the press of a button, saving you hours of calculations and giving peace of mind that the figures are accurate.

Making Tax Digital

Use all your existing property financial records to meet your MTD requirements at the click of a button, all within PaTMa.

Instant entry via Open Banking

No more manual entry of rent receipts and expenses. Open Banking integration fetches your property transactions from your bank account and automatically brings them into your Property Manager account. (Pro only)

Repeating expenses

Simplify your recurring monthly expenses by setting them to be automatically created each month.

Accounting graphs

Maximise returns

Portfolio metrics

View your property portfolio as a whole or per property to examine key metrics and identify areas for improvement to maximise your property returns.

Minimise mortgages

Automatic reminders to avoid slipping onto expensive SPV rates and never miss your fixed rate mortgage expiry again.

Portfolio metrics screenshot